A little tease about this scene under the read more. I was going to post a full transcription but thought better of it. If nothing was spoiled so far then it probably means the writers don’t want it spoiled so who am I to actually post the whole scene (or scenes in this case) for the whole internet to read. Hopefully the tease will be enough to peek your curiosity and make the fans excited about what’s to come.

(this is NOT fanfic or made up, it’s real, it’s actual spoilers.)

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white collar 402 spoilers

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omg Neal/El/Peter I can’t ;_;

I haven't watched White Collar for a while so can you please tell me what happens with Neal/Sara? Are they still together?

In the last episode before the hiatus Sara found out Neal had the treasure and she left him because she didn’t want to get involved with something as dangerous or break the law. It was a very bittersweet goodbye, where she asked Neal to “please, be careful" because he was getting way over his head.

Hilarie is on board for the whole season though, and I know for a fact she and Neal will have a lot of interaction in the next episodes. I’m just hoping the season will end with them together, or someway there. She also signed on for season 3 too, soo… :D

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Can anyone please link me when the White Collar and Hawaii Five-0 clips are up???

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Neal/Sara kisses, from the first to the heartbreak.

White Collar 316; Judgment Day

So white collar confessions became just another excuse for the fandom to bitch? Because the bitching already going around isn’t enough it seems. 

All the set pics from August 3 in HQ » download here.

lol Sara ilu

awwww you guys he’s making friends~