theme #3!

live preview - download 1 - download 2

  • you can add up to 8 links
  • sidebar image 250px, but if you upload a bigger image it’ll automatically resize it
  • if you don’t want all 8 links you just have to delet the name from the customize menu
  • if you want to change any of the navigation links you’ll have to do it INSIDE the code
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live preview - download 1 - download 2

Ok so I had nothing to do today and decided to work on a new theme. It’s pretty simple and the colors can be customized as you wish. You can add a sidebar image (300px of width) and a background image that will show on the bottom right side. If you don’t want the navigation to fade out just find #links a {opacity:0.2; and change it to opacity:1

Let me know if there are any bugs or errors. I checked everything and didn’t find anything wrong but you never know!

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theme 001: live preview - download 1 - download 2

Finally finished it after much cost and some troublesome details (thanks to notliketheothers for the help, phew). It’s pretty simple and mostly clean. 

Sidebar image 250px & 3 custom links (that can be removed if you don’t want them). If you have any questions, send me an ask.

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It really is a handful and time consuming, but the result is kinda turning out nice hmmmm