A little tease about this scene under the read more. I was going to post a full transcription but thought better of it. If nothing was spoiled so far then it probably means the writers don’t want it spoiled so who am I to actually post the whole scene (or scenes in this case) for the whole internet to read. Hopefully the tease will be enough to peek your curiosity and make the fans excited about what’s to come.

(this is NOT fanfic or made up, it’s real, it’s actual spoilers.)

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Is anyone interested in the Neal/Sara scenes from the White Collar finale (including the picture that was tweeted)? Because wow, you people are going to freak out.

Neal/Sara kisses, from the first to the heartbreak.

The Hollywood Reporter Interview with Jeff Eastin

THR: You’re active on Twitter. Has being on it on a daily basis affected you?

Eastin: If they’re following me on Twitter, they’re probably hardcore fans of the show. That immediate feedback we get by searching the White Collar hash tag as the show airs, it is very valuable. I can usually predict – by the volume of tweets – pretty accurately what the ratings will be.

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Jeff Eastin check fanbases (and i guess the only one he has access to is twitter), he sees people’s reactions. Like Hilarie Burton said herself, he told her if things worked out she’d stick around, and from that I’m assuming he checked the fanbase reaction to her character and it was a positive feedback (thus Hilarie staying).

The point of this post is to simply spread the word. After the premiere, all of you Hilarie fans, Sara fans, Neal/Sara fans & Neal fans should do as Jeff Eastin himself said. Give feedback. Tag your posts accordingly. Let him know how much Sara is liked and appreciated. It doesn’t really matter what you say, just show positiveness

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White Collar, 3x05; “Scott Free” - Sara scenes

as requested by sunlight-breathing

The numbers mean the page the scene is in.

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I really don’t understand how people can say she isn’t pretty or sexy or hot. Alex fans like to point out every time how Gloria is “sexier” or “hotter”, but personally Hilarie Burton is so much better looking than Gloria. Just look at her face, she’s flawless. Her body is flawless. She just had a baby and she’s ready to beat everybody’s ass. I have no idea how anyone cannot find that attractive.

Neal & Sara double date dinner party with Diana and her girlfriend, Christie.

Note: Neal wants something from Diana, I don’t know what it is because I tried to skip reading the sides as much as possible. I only look for Neal & Sara, but he even got Mozzie to help. Since exchanging Diana’s briefcase with a fake one Mozzie had failed (Christie arrived, ruining their plans, that’s how they met) Neal called Christie for a dinner party (since they seemed to get along during their brief encounter). Needless to say I found it utterly adorable he took Sara for this double date. Peter and Elizabeth, now Diana and her girlfriend, what is next? Jones? FBI parties? OH GOD SARA NEVER LEAVE.

Also can I take a moment to mention how awesome it is when Sara and Neal gang up a la Mr and Mrs Wellington game? They get their game on as if they were meant for it.

Diana’s apartment — night

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Vote for Sara!

There’s a poll going on asking whether you are Team Alex or Team Sara, and so far Sara is winning.


The poll is a small little thing on the right hand side menu bar just below disclaimer and contributors.

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This was reblogged by Joe Henderson, executive story editor for White Collar. That tweet was retweeted by more people, but not only all the retweets don’t show, I didn’t cap all that I could see. None of the replies were negative either.

My point is, those who are not biased, those who enjoy the show for what it is instead of being too preocupied with ships see how things really are, enjoy what is given instead of bitching all the time. This is a show about Neal, about his journey to becoming a good man, wether you like it or not.


Also, according to Jeff Eastin, Sharif Atkins is probably going to become regular next season as well. 

"I think she’s great."
"It’s not like that."
"Yeah. Yeah it is."