What psd have you been using in your recent ouat gifs (the colored parts)? It's gorgeous!

The purple-ish tint? I used bits from different psds to my own coloring. A yellow fill from fairestcharming’s psd, the textures from mulderly’s castle psd and a lot of selective color/color balance/vibrance.

Thanks! ♥

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I saw a lot of people showing interest in this particular graphic so I thought I could share the psd. It’s not the same because I had to recreate (the never saving psds type thing), but it’s 99% similar.

mirror 1 - mirror 2

*please don’t copy it exactly, you’ll still have to change settings anyway since it won’t work for every picture.

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What coloring did you use on your wallpaper's icons and the side picture by your description. I like it, it's not quite black and white, it's more like brown and white. Can you share it?

There’s nothing special to it. I just used a black to peach gradient and a dark brown color fill. northerndawn has a cool psd with a similar coloring though!

Hope that helps!

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download: mirror 1 | mirror 2

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it won’t work with naturally red/yellow images because of the selective color. Since the original image lacks a lot of red/yellow I had to increase the colors a bit. Just tinker around with the layers though, remove or decrease the selective color, experiment!

download: mirror 1 | mirror 2

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download psd - mirror

It will work mostly with blueish caps, but if you experiment and change the settings, add/remove something here, something there, you’ll end up with a nicer results for whatever cap you’re using.