"there’s a trouble in your bed."

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410; The Troubles with Troubles.

Renew Haven Hashtag Campaign | #renewHaven

So here it is again! The last campaign was so successful that we decided to do it again for an even bigger cause! This time we’ll be trending #RenewHaven to give the Syfy bosses a shove in the right direction. If they need fan response, then they’ll get fan response!

We managed to trend #pancakes nationally for several minutes more than once. Now it’s a common goal for all of us, no matter who we ship, so you should ALL join to help ensure a 5th season. 

Please, reblog and spread the news. Make your own art if you want. Participate somehow! We’ll only be able to do it with team effort!

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Haven 407 sneak peek.

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3 new episode stills from different episodes. They’re all in HQ, unedited.

download link


4 HQ stills of 404 - Lost and Found

download link

Enjoy, and remember this is the episode Audrey comes back!

7 HQ pics of 402 - Survivors;

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haven fanfic - nathan/lexie!audrey

This a pointless PWP written out of sheer pressure because I was being bullied into doing it. 

The prompt was beard and since my mind has taken roots in the gutter… This is very short, just for fun.

Summary: she will have burn marks in the morning
Category: Romance
Rating: M

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Why you should watch Haven

I know a LOT of you have already heard of this show, but never bothered to give it a chance because it’s such a small blip on the radar. Sure it may not be popular like a lot of shows out there, but it’s just as fascinating and heart breaking like a lot of them.

You should watch Haven, and this is why:

  • Stephen King!
  • People with powers! 
  • A beautiful, epic and painful love story.
  • Quircky characters
  • Gorgeous characters
  • Badass characters
  • Several personalities
  • Mystery!
  • Beautiful scenery.
  • Heartwrenching stories
  • BrOTP
  • Wonderful friendships.
  • Royal baby
  • Did I say love story?

(check my blog and tags for gifs)

The first 3 seasons are on Netflix, so you can try it out. The show starts out slow and light, but it picks up the pace so stick with it! Haven is one of those silly and dumb, but wonderful and interesting underdog shows that nobody really cares about, so go ahead and watch! Season 4 just started so if you enjoy the show, you can catch up quickly. It’s only 13 episodes per season. 

So with that said, I have a proposition for my followers. If any of you that hasn’t watched the show yet, does watch at least the first season, I’ll write you a fanfic of your choosing. Any pairing, any plot. Your pick. Be reasonable though, it has to be from a fandom I’m familiar with otherwise, I’ll be completely lost (unless it’s a no nosense one shot with smut lol).

See, so easy and enjoyable! I mean, you get to watch a great show in exchange of a customized fanfic!

FOLLOWERS. I know a lot of people that follow me and I follow watch Haven because last year it was pretty popular on tumblr WHERE ARE ALL OF YOU?

Haven is back.





  • "And the fact that Audrey hasn’t chosen one or the other"

(excellent journalism; sarcasm intended)

Please tell me I’m not the only one watching the version of Haven where Audrey has chosen Nathan on several ocasions making it abundantly clear she’s in love with him and only him and there’s no choice to be made because huh, there aren’t 2 options, there never were.


Haven comes back tomorrow, September 13 at 10pm.

DON’T miss the season 4 premiere. There will be lots of pain, lots of tears, lots of drama. Nothing will be happy. So grab your kleenex and alcohol of choice and sit your butt down to watch.

13 HQ episode stills of 401;

download link.

it’s a tad big, FYI.