the earth sank beneath us, pressed by the weight of the whole universe above. how could it set us up like this, every planet precisely aligned, if it didn't mean for us to collide? -
Hardened; Agents of Shield

Title: Hardened.
Summary: She recounts all the ways she can debilitate Ward without killing him first.
Notes: So I said I was writing something out of this and here it is. This is so pointless and dumb, something that just crossed my mind during work today and I could let go of. The thought of Jemma physically threatening Ward is kind of hot and would be super cool because Fitz threatened Garret and I kind of wanted to see it come full circle (sort of).

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FitzSimmons fanfic; Lifetimes (Agents Of Shield)

Title: Lifetimes
Summary: Fitz proves to Simmons he can be romantic.
Rating: PG (but it alludes to sex so??)
Notes: This is set somewhere in the near future, where Fitz and Simmons have worked out their feelings and are just starting a relationship. THIS IS SUPER CORNY YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED TURN BACK NOW. I just seriously need cheesy after the finale okay? It was so beautiful and heartbreaking. 

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FANFIC: FitzSimmons (Agents of Shield)

So I ended up writing a little something based on this headcanon

Title: Clarity.
Summary: Tag fic to 1.20 Nothing Personal. FitzSimmons have a quiet talk after everyone goes to sleep and some things are revealed. Fluff. Sort of.
Notes: I wrote this last night before going to sleep, so mostly a spur of the moment I need to get this all down before I lose inspiration kind of thing. I’m just so tired of seeing negativity regarding these two from the fandom that I needed some fluff. They’re adorable and close and they love each other, why anyone would question that is beyond me. I’m not worried about the finale at all. Bring it on, I know it’s going to be great for us, even if painful.

This is a post 1.20 Nothing Personal tag fic. Any mistakes are mine, this was not reviewed by a beta.


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the blacklist; liz/don fanfic

Title: when oblivion is calling out your name
Summary: She likes to do this, watch him while he sleeps  \  ao3

Reposting this because wow months later and it’s so damn accurate?

Anonymous asked:
Pairing: Olicity. AU: She's the vigilante and he's her sidekick :)

"Oliver, would you please shut up?” Felicity asks, adjusting her mask and checking her vision: 100% clear, unlike the babbling filling her ears over the comm.

"Cranky like that one would think your boyfriend didn’t do a very good job prepping you for the mission, which we both know is impossible because I have very good hands.”

She smiles and her body reacts at the memory of hands sliding under leather and working her nerve endings, and makes a mental note to do some more exercise with him again tonight.

Arrow fic - Felicity/Oliver; oh, these lines that i can’t draw

This is a crazy spur of the moment short fic that I came up with while thinking about Barry watching Felicity worried over Oliver. 

title: oh these lines that i can’t draw
author: officerparker
rating: g
summary: he watches her lie dissolve into grains of sand; 2x09


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nathan/audrey; haven (fanfic)

Title: tossing and turning inside of your heart
Author: officerparker
Summary: There are so many things he wants to say he’s sorry for, but he will never apologize for putting her above everything else. Post 407, missing last scene.
Category: Romance/Angst
Note: We’ll never get the sex scene we want, or semi sex scene or, hell, even half naked people kissing a lot, so I’m doing my part and posting fanfic! It’s not exactly explicit, but it’s the kind of smut I like to write. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Unbeta’ed, so I apologize for all slips of mind. You read it so many times over that your eyes simply pass over mistakes without even noticing them.

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liz/ressler; the blacklist (fanfic)

title: when oblivion is calling out your name.
summary: she likes to do this, watch him while he sleeps.
rating: g
category: angst/romance
note: Note: This is… a lot less than it looks. It’s short and kind of to the point. I just wanted to play with Liz’s angstiness. I’ll be writing more Liz/Ressler soon though. Pseudo smut. More angst. They’re so angsty oh my god. Why am I shipping them so hard damnit. I blame Megan.

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haven fanfic - nathan/lexie!audrey

This a pointless PWP written out of sheer pressure because I was being bullied into doing it. 

The prompt was beard and since my mind has taken roots in the gutter… This is very short, just for fun.

Summary: she will have burn marks in the morning
Category: Romance
Rating: M

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felicity/oliver; arrow; fanfic

Title: Tides
Summary: Felicity finds out role playing turns Oliver on. Stabelished Felicity/Oliver. PWP.
Category: Romance
Rating: M
Notes: PORN WITHOUT PLOT. Seriously ridiculous, plotless one shot. Total mindless fun because we really need one of those sometimes okay? Ok!

I know I have to update my other fanfic We Are Oceans, but I’m distracted and since it doesn’t follow any particular timeline there’s no rush in being updated. BUT I WILL. I have a lot of the next chapter done and almost all of the last chapter done.

This is UNBETA’ED.

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we are oceans; oliver/felicity chapter 2

title: we are oceans
author: officerparker
summary: Felicity knew she shouldn’t have accepted Oliver’s offer to train with her.
rating: t with a tiny bit of smut?
category: romance/angst
 Here’s chapter 2 finally up. I hoped to have this up earlier and it was intended to be from Oliver’s point of view, but it just wasn’t working. Halfway through the chapter I realized that there was no point in continuing and restarted the whole thing from Felicity’s pov. It has a happier ending and hopefully will leave everyone satisfied. I do have a few ideas for their date so if you like it and are interested in reading more, please review and let me know :) Otherwise I think this is a good place to end, yes? :)

chapter one

chapter two (new)

arrow; oliver/felicity {fanfic}

title: we are oceans
author: officerparker
summary: Felicity knew she shouldn’t have accepted Oliver’s offer to train with her.
rating: t with a tiny bit of smut?
category: romance/angst
SO. I completely changed my idea about this fanfic. This is the original, with the angsty ending and another follow up chapter. Then I decided to end it on a happy note because I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue with it. ThenI got a review that made me think ah the hell with it. I can finish this one. So here it is, the half changed fanfic that will (maybe) have 3 or 4 chapters. Will do my best to update. I think this one is more in character too. I apologise for any confusion and I hope you still like this version better.

This is unbeta-ed so any mistakes are mine. Feel free to point out any errors so I can correct them!

Title from The Pierces’ We Are Stars

We are oceans
Being controlled by the pull of one another

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fanfic felicity/oliver (arrow)

title: the stairs creak as you sleep
author: officerparker
summary: she counts his scars. ANGST FEST
rating: t
category: angst/romance
notes: This is some weird thing that came to my mind? I really wanted to make it as IC as possible, but considering the kind of fanfic this is and the kind of relationship they have now I’m not sure how accurate I can keep the characterizations. Hopefully how they’re portrayed as people isn’t too far off. Everyone keeps grilling Oliver about the island and I hope Felicity won’t be one of them, I hope that when he tells her it’s because he wants to.

This is really short and not the smut I wanted to write, but it’s something I needed to get out of the way. I may give Catalyst another chapter. Still thinking about it.

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fanfic felicity/oliver; arrow

Title: Catalyst.
Author: officerparker
Summary: Oliver tries to teach Felicity to shoot but the tension is too thick for her to pay attention.
Rating: G
Category: Angst/Romance
Notes: My first foray into this fandom yay! I decided to give the show a second chance because there was too much Felicity on my dash and my friends wouldn’t stop gushing. She’s by far my favorite character and I’m definitely into the “Olicity” bandwagon :)

I’m planning to write smut, I just need to figure out first how to make it happen in a believable way.

Unbeta-ed so I apologise for any mistakes.

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fanfic hansel/gretel; stasis chapter two

title: stasis
author: officerparker
summary: When a witch hunt in Munich turns to the worst, Hansel and Gretel find out that there’s more to their story than what Muriel told. They learn that there are still secrets to be uncovered. Sibling incest.
rating: t for now
category: drama/romance/angst and a bit of everything else in between

chapter one. (read chapter one for notes)

chapter two (new)