The pictures above are available in HQ unedited for download in the link below:

download link


2 HQ stills of Nathan & Audrey from 408 “Crush”

download link


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3 new episode stills from different episodes. They’re all in HQ, unedited.

download link


4 HQ stills of 404 - Lost and Found

download link

Enjoy, and remember this is the episode Audrey comes back!

11 HQs photoshoots of Rachelle for Bello Magazine.

download link

She looks gorgeous. Enjoy! 

Ok since one of the most asked questions in the Hannibal tag is “where can i watch the show?????” I decided to make this post and hope people will bookmark it so they’ll know where to look.

These are online streams only, if you want to download the episode you can check any torrent source or for weekly updates.

101 Apéritif
102 Amuse-Bouche ( mirror )
103 Potage ( mirror )
104 Ceuf ( mirror )
105 Coquilles ( mirror 1 - mirror 2 )
106 Entrée ( mirror 1 - mirror 2 )
107 Sorbet ( mirror 1 - mirror 2 )
108 Fromage ( mirror 1 - mirror 2 )
109 Trou Normand ( mirror 1 )
110 Buffet Froid ( mirror 1 - mirror 2 )
111 Roti*
112 Reveles*
113 Savoureux*

* will update as the episodes air.
** I checked ALL videos and they all work. Sometimes they give a “file not found” error but it’s just a glitch. Load it again and it will work.
*** hope this is helpful! Have fun!

the pictures above + 4 more (including stills from the premiere and the arm grabbing) in hq

download hqs since spoilertv only posts Haven pics in mq for some reason.

All the set pics from August 3 in HQ » download here.

8 Hilarie Burton pics at Olevolos Project Fundraiser- download link

10 HQs of Matt Bomer and Hilarie Burton filming on SoHo; download link

I love how they get along so well. THE LAUGHS YOU GUYS. I need this show back :’)

Whoever asked, here are the pictures individually:

click for the hqs.

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All 4 promotional pics with Hilarie in HQ untagged: download here.

fringe 3.20 download link

I don’t know if those are out yet anywhere, but I uploaded the UNTAGGED HQ version of these pics since I have only seen those tagged mqs going around tumblr.

Click to download 18 pics in total


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