the earth sank beneath us, pressed by the weight of the whole universe above. how could it set us up like this, every planet precisely aligned, if it didn't mean for us to collide? -
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Thanks for that finale analysis! The episodes weren't perfect by a long shot, but I'm not really on board with the "Nathan is a terrible person" interpretation. I think they went out of their way to establish that Audrey and Sarah are the same person and the idea that respecting someone's agency means never challenging them or questioning them is ridiculous. I don't really get all the episode-hate or the Nathan-hate going on.

(in case anyone’s wondering, here’s the post in question).

I’m waiting for the finale to air so I can actually make a full post on everything. I don’t want to post spoilers or any particular info on things that happen because they’re really major. And damn I can get wordy and I do have a lot to say.

I just… don’t really understand the logic behind their arguments. 99% of what they say is simply mindless, unbased hate. Nathan’s a jerk and selfish because he’s fighting tooh and nails to keep her from going? It’s Audrey’s choice so he should respect it no matter how much it’s clearly breaking her apart? You just have to take 2 seconds to see she doesn’t have a choice. It takes you watching the episode (or the entire season really) to see how much she’s hurting and she doesn’t want to go. Audrey doesn’t want to go. I can’t stress this enough.

  1. wheredoesitrain said: That she does not want to go (does not want “to die”) that she desperately wants to stay and live her life has been made absolutely clear this season.
  2. twirlingaway said: I meant hate from others, not you lol. If anything, you’re the one running around putting out fires.
  3. senoritacumberbatch said: And to think I thought the only problem the haven fandom would have is people posting spoilers. They do do that, but the hate is so unnecessary and very, very stupid.
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