spoiler below-

wow, she’s looking awful. I assume this is for the scene where she gives birth, and the expression on her face is part of it.

All right, for the first time I actually feel sorry for her. Is Walternate going to fuck her up during the pregnancy? I’m starting to think she actually runs away or something like that, which is why she gives birth in a Chinatown store. I know she messed everything up, I know she was a bitch, etc, etc, etc, yes I do hate her, yes I wish she never showed up, yes this pregnancy is ridiculous etc, but this is no way to have a baby. Things are gonna be awful if the picture is anything to go by.

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  2. ocean5oul said: Yeah, it seems it’s gonna be an accelerate pregnancy (like in 1x02)… maybe Walternate can’t wait for his grandchild, so he’ll give her something…. I think that Paoliva’s mini!peanut will be the Sam Weiss. LOL.
  3. sashaudinov said: looking at that pic, I just wanna cry, my guess is you’re right Walternate is after her and the baby and probably by the end of that episode she’ll crossover here,
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