Natasha “yeah I don’t have any super-powers so beefy American dude just do me a favor and throw me up in the fucking air because I want to wrassle me an alien (and don’t forget I figured out the big misogynistic baddy’s plan by playing him like a chump and later literally punched some sense into our brainwashed team member lol call me when you need somebody to close the trans-dimensional portal to fucking OUTER SPACE)” Romanoff

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You’ve been beside me the whole damn time.

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Hey peeps, can you guys rec me any Clint/Natasha fanfic? No matter the length,if there’s smut even better. Preferably up to date with Captain America events?

Get out!

Fitzsimmons + “Providence”


Change is what they may need, but right there poor Fitz ment that he just wanted to keep on working in combination of their skills, but specially sharing inside-jokes (those only they both knew) and knowing glances with her, like they’ve been doing all these years. But that got me thinking: haven’t they passed through this ever before? I mean, they both are a really good cacht, wouldn’t have had someone at the Academy that flirted with one of them (likely Jemma, since she’s the most extroverted of them) and made them going through something just like this? Because if they haven’t… man, dismissing potential lovers (who could have broken their dynamics) without even noticing them would mean they got a pretty big deal back on the Academy already. I’m dying to know more about their Academy days, like in flashback scenes (maybe now that Prof.Hall/Graviton is coming back they have to explain the team how he was at the Academy and we get to see 18-years-old Fitzsimmons and their blossoming relationship at that time).

Ah this is actually something I have been thinking about since I finished my marathon (18 episodes on a go, whoohoo). Fitz said in FZZT how they have been together every moment ever since the Academy, the same way they have been together every waking moment after joining SHIELD and the way they don’t deal very well being apart for too long (trying to call Jemma while she’s in the hub, being the first person they run to when being apart). How did they date anyone? Fitz was rattled just by Jemma measuring Mike instead of using machines. 

If they ever dated or flirted with other people during the Academy and their late teens/early 20s, they should be at least used to being away from each other for a bit. Just the fact they’re called “FitzSimmons” as if they’re one unity should say a lot. 

IDK I’m really interested in seeing some flashback or any info of their life before SHIELD, anything to give some light as how their relationship was.

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i just really want romantic non-platonic fitzsimmons okay?

They need to make out ASAP, it’s a matter of life or death.


Nastya Ptichek

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Sarah + impersonating her genetic identicals

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Interviewer: One of her best friends is leo, sort of, and actually I have a question about that, was there a past romantic relationship with them? is there a future one? or they’re just really great friends?

Elizabeth: uh, for her, they’re really great friends, I think, and I think for him…I mean, it’s getting complicated and honestly we don’t know. 




The X-Files Season 5 | Agent Dana Scully

"Is there anything that you don’t believe in, Mulder?"

make me choose ↣ Anonymous asked: melinda may or skye

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gif battleaominestetsu vs halequeens (fitzsimmns)

iii. fitzsimmons + happiness and tears




i want to go on a shopping trip where i am the only one in the shopping mall and everything i want is free

that’s called night robbery 

so be it

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